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Hirolas® Men's Blue Multisports Leather Running/Walking/Gym Lace Up Jogger Sport Shoes (HRL2001BUW)

Hirolas® Men's Blue Multisports Leather Running/Walking/Gym Lace Up Jogger Sport Shoes (HRL2001BUW)

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Hirolas presents these  multicoloured sneakers that will instantly appeal to all urbane men. The Leather & Mesh upper and Fabric lining make these Joggers high on quality and durability. 

• Heavy Duty Performance for a fitness freak like you.
• Light Weight: Weighs approx. 270 gms for UK 7.
• Guarantee: 10,00,000 Steps or 3 months Brand guarantee against manufacturing defects (Whichever comes first).
• Stylish design made of unique lightweight and cushion padded material, gives you ultimate barefoot feeling.
• Midsole: These Joggers have an EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) foam midsole for added cushioning.
• Moulded Heel Grip counter: Used for enhanced strength and support. One of it's kind support in sports shoes segment to protect your feet.
• Memory Foam In-Socks: Comfortech+ Technology Memory Foam Socks which are super soft & comfortable in nature and remains in It's original shape for a longer duration. These In-socks are removable to accommodate a medical orthotic. These in-socks provide Cushion and support your foot and arch. These are Removable and can be taken out to dry between walking sessions.
• Athletic shoes for every sport: These sports shoes are perfect for a variety of occasions and a variety of climate seasons. Perfect for gym, running, casual walk, exercises, riding, workout, travel, outdoor, and everyday wear in.
• Freebies: 1 Pair of Reflective laces comes free with these Joggers. These shoelaces reflect sunshine and strong light which increase the safety and visibility. It is able to attract attention and gives your sneakers a unique style to stand out above the rest.
Certifications: An ISO 9001:2015 Company Product which is tested by FDDI (Footwear Design and Development Institute).
Safety: We don't use any nails in making of our shoes and our Jogger Shoes are made with "100% Nail  free Construction" process. We are using international standard Odour free adhesive brands for pasting our footwear.
Ergonomic Design: Dr. Curry from Piedmont Clinic, Georgia recommends not to use much flexible Shoes. She warns against buying any shoes that can bend in half. Expert Says, if you can bend and twist a pair of shoes with ease, they are not going to be supportive enough.
Considering this fact in mind we have designed our shoes in such a way that they bend only as much as actually required by the foot hence providing foot support to avoid unexpected bending/injuries during workouts. This helps in reducing impact when your foot strikes the ground.
Achilles tendon protector: Reduces stress on the Achilles tendon by locking the shoe around the heel.
Heel collar: Cushions the ankle and ensures proper fit.
Outsole: This makes contact with the ground and comes with grooves to maintain surface traction. Tyres used in all automobiles are of Rubber (due to longer lifespan) so as our shoe Outsole.
Toe box: Provides space for the toes. Our Shoes roomy and round toe box helps prevent calluses.
Boost Height: Hirolas Jogger Shoes immediately increase your height up to 1.5 inches. As per studies, Tall people may have greater self-esteem and social confidence. Increased Height helps in various sports activities too.

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